How do I automatically update a block or element across all of my events?

Note: You will need Designer Pro access to use this functionality.

Video for Saving a Linked Block:



Let's say you're running an event campaign with 10 different registration sites, and each site has the same, consistent top navigation. 

Now, let's say you launch all 10 sites only to discover your consistent navigation needs to be updated. Yipes!

Don't fret - we have a solution for this exact scenario: A little something we like to call Linked Blocks.

With this exciting bit of tech, you can make the necessary change just once, but update all ten navigations simultaneously. 

Here's how it works:

1. On the page containing the block you'd like to remain consistent, such as this navigation highlighted below, click to select the block.


2. Next, save that block to your Block Library so you can add it to other pages. (A more detailed explanation of this process can be found here). As you're saving, make sure you check the option to make it a Linked Block. Then hit Update on the lower right.


3. Whenever you're ready, head over to your next event page, and click to add a new block to the layout. Look for the Linked Block category at the bottom of all the block options, and your linked block will appear here. Click to add your linked block to event page then rearrange it in the layout to your liking.


4. Note the lock icon below. This indicates that the block is linked and you cannot edit it on this event page. To make a change to this linked block, you must return to the original event page that you created the block on.



5. Heading back to your original event, make any adjustments you feel necessary.


6. The last step - a crucial one: In order for these changes to go into effect across multiple pages, head to the linked block in the layout tab, and click on the Save/Update icon again. Press Update in the lower-right corner and save your changes.



You're all set! Any changes you make to the original block will be updated in real-time across all events that you add that linked block to. 


How will linked blocks change your life for the better?

  • Linked blocks are a huge time saver. They're especially useful for headers and footers, or any other content you'd like to be consistent in multiple locations.
  • You're better able to maintain design consistency across events.
  • Minimal effort is required! You only have to build the first block, and then any time you change it, your changes will sync across themes.
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