How do I open/close RSVPs and schedule a waitlist on the Host App?

Ever needed to quick close or re-open RSVPs on the go?
The Splash Host app makes this easy.

To open or close RSVPs on the Host App:

1. Find and tap on the event in the Host app.
2. Go to the event's Dashboard tab.


3. Tap into the first box, the RSVP settings.


4. Select from the following options:

  • Open RSVPs
  • Close RSVPs
  • Close at event start
  • Close 1 day before event
  • Close after [enter number] of attendees


Pro tip: If you want to cap your guest list but still collect registration in case more spots open up, you can schedule a waitlist to start when RSVPs close or reach capacity - just hit the Activate Waitlist when RSVPs close button.

5. Click Apply to put your new settings into effect.


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