How do I edit the confirmation messaging for when a guest RSVPs "No"?

Splash allows you to customize confirmation messaging for guests who:

1. RSVP Yes
2. RSVP No
3. RSVP for the waitlist

The ability to customize the messaging by guest response enables you to craft unique messages rather than sending one that's "one size fits all."

There are two types of confirmation messages for RSVP No responses:

  1. On-Page
  2. Email

Quick refresher: On-Page confirmations appear on the event page once a response has been submitted. Here, you can shoot guests a quick line to thank them for their response and let them know you're sorry they're unable to attend.

Please note: While confirmation emails can be disabled, the on-Page confirmation messages can not be.

To customize on-page confirmation for a "No" response:

  1. First, you'll want to make sure "Allow Invitees To RSVP No" is turned on in the Form tab.
  2. Then, head to the Confirmations tab and click the RSVP No section.
  3. Customize the Headline and Message text.
  4. Click Save.


By clicking Preview, you'll be able to view how the on-page message will appear to guests.

Click Edit (see above) to change the design of your On-Page confirmation; this will open the RSVP No Confirmation Element in the design tools. 

Note - Confirmation messaging — the text inside the brackets — cannot be edited in the design tools, so just return to the Confirmations Dashboard to edit text.


Pro Tip: You can add a personal touch to an on-page confirmation message by adding any of the following dynamic tags in this format: [tag]. Remember, tags are case sensitive! Make sure that all letters are lower case and be sure to include the brackets.

Guest Information Tags:

[email] Ex:
[first_name] Ex: Max
[last_name] Ex: The Dog
[full_name] Ex: Max the Dog

To customize RSVP No Email messaging:

  1. In the Confirmations tab under the RSVP No section, turn on Email messaging.
  2. Customize your message heading and message.
  3. Click Save.


To change the design of your Email confirmation, click Edit. This will open the confirmation email within the Email tab. Don't forget to test your email when you're done!



Click Reset to revert to the confirmation email to its original settings.

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