Kiosk Mode on iOS allows for self check-in and on-site registration

Check-in made easier

If you ever wished event check-in would just kind of run itself, we're right there with you. 

Kiosk Mode for Splash's iOS Host app enables guests to check in or register on an unattended iPad — no staff assistance required.
To get started:

From your event's dashboard, just tap the new option for Kiosk.


The Kiosk tab offers three different settings:

  1. Allow Self Check-in: Guests can enter the email addresses they used to register or scan the QR codes on their tickets.

  2. Allow Self Registration: Walk-in guests can register themselves, even automatically checking into the event once the registration is submitted.

    • The registration form will have the same questions as your online RSVP page.

    • You can also select an option for walk-ins to receive a confirmation email. 

  3. Require a passcode to Exit the Kiosk: You can set a passcode to prevent your guests from being able to exit Kiosk Mode — this important step ensures only event staff can access the event settings or guest list.


Once checked in successfully, guests will be greeted by a confirmation screen. If the email address entered doesn't match the one RSVP'd with, not to worry — we've got a back-up plan: t
he guest will see an error message with a prompt to begin again.

If there are multiple guests registered under the same email address, the screen will prompt the guest to select one to check in.

Check out Kiosk Mode in action!


Why is Kiosk the next big thing?

Multiple guests can complete the check-in or self-registration process at the same time across multiple devices. The more devices that are set up, the quicker your lines will move!

And with the ability to lock the Kiosk with a passcode, devices can truly be left unattended. That means curious guests can't venture away from the check-in screen and your guest information remains sound as a pound.

If you haven't already, make sure you download Host App version 2.0 or higher. 

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