7/6/17 - Make faster image edits with our brand new image uploader

Image editing is now faster and easier thanks to our brand new image uploader!

Did you know the "e" in events stands for efficiency? At least it should, because as event planners, we live and die by how quickly we're able to execute.

That's why at Splash, we're on a never ending mission to make your design experience easier and more awesome.

Let's take a dive into the newest improvement to editing images!

The image editor gets a facelift

Soooo... notice anything different?


All of the image properties you've come to love (cropping, positioning, size, and more) are now housed within the legendary Layout tab.

What does this mean for you? You now have the ability to view the changes you make to images in REAL-TIME!

That's right - no more jumping back and forth in and out of the editor to see your changes.


The stock image library of your dreams

Clicking that "Change" prompt with the image editor will open up a newly designed window: 


The Upload, Stock, and Giphy options of yore are still available — only now, there's a substantially upgraded stock image library.

At first glance, you'll notice updates to our most popular image categories on the left-hand side:


But you'll now see a search bar, opening you up to a whole new world of possibilities. Type in any term and you'll be presented with a diverse array of gorgeous, curated images:


A better way to crop

Any event page designer worth her salt has at least dabbled with Splash's image cropping tool. Now, our cropper offers spacious, full-screen editing, making each crop that much more satisfying. 


Important to note: We retain the original aspect ratio of your image, even after cropping, in case you decide to go back and re-crop.

Improve your SEO using Alt Text

Within Image elements, we have a brand new input field called Alt Text:


Alt Text is where you can include a brief description of your image to help improve search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility.

Taking this party to the Email Sender

That's right - this revamp has also made its way into to the Email Sender! Take a look at an Image element within your Email Layout tab:


The "Change" and "Crop" prompts are present, but something entirely new — and dare we say, profound — to note is the Accessibility Options property:



This is where that Alt Text piece comes back into play! Adding an image description here will display when a recipient is unable to access your images. This can happen if your recipient has images turned off in their email client, or if they're reading your email with a screen reader.

Endless puppy pics, SEO, and beautiful additions to the Layout tab — this is what image editing in Splash is all about!


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