6/29/17 - Rename email elements for maximum organization

Splash users can now change the names of email elements just as they can on their event pages!

To review, our designers have long loved the ability to rename their event page's containers, blocks, and elements, leaving their layout as clean as a hound's tooth.

For a quick refresher, let's take a look at an example:

Let's say your page features multiple Quote blocks. That means you'll see two or more generically labeled "Quote" blocks in your Layout tab. Which quote is which? You have to scroll & peek to find out, which takes time.

Unless you rename the blocks!


Oddly satisfying, right?

Now, here's how to change the names of elements in emails:

Switching over to email design, you can now click on an element to give it a nice, precise name.

In this example, there are multiple elements labeled as "Text" — oh, the horror!


So, to give this Email Layout some much needed detail, just click to rename the text elements:


See how much more organized an Email Layout can be? 


Some of our best event marketers create pretty sophisticated email designs, combining multiple text, headline, and image elements. Renaming elements makes design and collaboration easier, restoring order to a realm long ruled by chaos.


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