How do I save and share custom elements?

You may know how to save a block to your personal library and share it with other designers, but did you know you can utilize the same technology to save individual elements as well?

I know, we freaked out too.

Splash’s driving principle is to speed up workflows — to build with scale in mind. Saving and sharing elements is a little-known feature of the Splash CMS, but one that is vital to saving time.

This will help ensure visual consistency and brand style across multiple team members.

Imagine how much easier it will be to work together:

"Hey Maya! Let's use "Custom Button 1" for the Cover Block on your Happy Hour Page."

"Hey Shane! Can you share your navigation element with the rest of the team so we can use it on all of our events moving forward?"

If collaboration is a sandwich, saving & sharing elements are the slices of sweet Italian bread holding the whole thing together. Capeesh?


Saving Elements

1. Customize any on-page element and edit to your liking (in our case, we'll be saving a Button element).

2. Once you're ready to save, head on over to the green ribbon in the bottom navigation called Save/Update Section.


3. Upon clicking, a Save Custom Element pop-up will appear: 


4. Give the element a title (the more specific the better), and feel free to add as many tags as you wish to aid future searching.


5. Before saving, let's make sure we're sharing the element with the right people. Click into the Sharing tab on the lefthand side of the modal.

Sharing the element

6. Once inside the "Sharing" tab, you can decide if you want to share the element with your entire organization, specific users, or both!

7. Once everyone you want to share the element with has been selected, click Save to complete the process.


That's it! You now know one of the BEST time savers for Designer Pro, not mention one of the most powerful collaboration components in the Splash CMS. 

 Pro Tip: You can also save and share entire containers.

So, if you create a beautiful block that houses a container of elements, feel free to save the entire parent container as an element instead of the individual elements inside of it. Saving elements (and remember...containers are considered elements too) also pulls in the margin, padding, widths, and heights you've applied to everything inside the container. Time is money, baby, and we've got your back!

Good Luck and Happy Designing!


Pete Richardson
Senior Education Manager


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