7. Enhancing your Hub page with additional elements

So you've gone ahead and set up the core of your Hub page!
Let's walk through a few other hub-specific elements available to you.

Hub Search Bar

Who doesn't love a good search bar?! Pop this element above your Hub to ease the event search and discovery process.

1. Hop into your Layout tab and find the Block housing your Hub

2. Click the blue "+" sign to add a new element to the block

3. Select Search Bar from the Hub section of the library

4. Within the Layout tab, drag the search bar to the top of the Hub block.



See it in action:


Hub Navigation

If you're following along with our Hub 101 Guide, you might've stumbled upon our last chapter: Improving event discovery using a Hub navigation element.

That is THE article for mastering the use of the Hub Nav element, which allows your visitors to sort your events by upcoming, past, most popular, closest in proximity, and beyond.


Show More Button

Is your Hub chock full of events? Use our Show More Button element to allow visitors to click to see more events (rather than overwhelming them with an indefinite scroll).

1. Hop into your Layout tab and find the Block housing your hub

2. Click the blue "+" sign to add a new element to the block

3. Select Show More Button from the Hub section of the library


See it in action here:


Important to note: The Show More Button is directly related to the maximum number of events you've designated to appear in your Hub Management center.


For example, let's say you have 5 events in total on your hub, and you've set the Maximum Number of Events to 5 (or any number greater). When you go to add the Show More Button element, you'll receive this message:


Why? There would be no more events to show if a user clicked "Show More!"

Remember: we've always got your back.


Additionally, you can change the text of the two different states of the Show More button by selecting the button via the layout tab and either altering the text directly on-page, within the button, or toggling to the other state and following the same steps.




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