13. Kiosk Mode on iOS: Self check-in and registration

Every event marketer needs a record of who showed up.
But not every event marketer has the budget to staff check-in personnel. 

Kiosk Mode takes the human element out of the check-in process, enabling your guests to check in or register on their own using unattended iPads or iPhones.

Here's how it works:

1. After clicking on your event, tap on the Kiosk tab to the right of Guests.


2. Next, toggle on the options you would like to activate for your event:

  • Allow Self Check-In - This allows guests to check themselves in by entering the email addresses they used to register for the event or by scanning their tickets.

  • Allow Self Registration - This allows walk-ins to register, launching your event's RSVP form or custom registration experience. Use this feature to make it so walk-ins are automatically checked in upon completing registration. This action can also trigger a confirmation email.

  • Require a passcode to Exit the Kiosk: This setting ensures that the app remains in Kiosk Mode, preventing your guests from being able to access the guest list or other event settings.


When you hit the "Require Passcode to Exit Kiosk" option, this screen will pop up, prompting you to enter a 4-digit passcode.


3. Tap the LAUNCH KIOSK button; this will activate the self-service mode, where guests can check in or register.

Guests can check in by entering the email address they used to register or by scanning a QR code that came with their registration.


A confirmation screen appears once a guest has successfully completed the check-in process.


Here's the check-in process in action!



In the case that an attendee submits an incorrect email address or wasn't on the guest list, an error screen will appear, prompting the guest to try again using the Start Over button.


If more than one guest is found under the same email address, the guest can select 
which ones to check in.


Walk-in guests register by hitting the Register for Event button at the bottom of the screen.


Tapping this button launches a registration screen, which will contain the same questions that were asked for the web-based RSVP process. 




With guests handling check-in for themselves, you’re freed up to enjoy the party — or focus on other things. And you’ll leave the event with the same post-event stats as if you checked in every guest yourself. 


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