7/26/17 - Confirmations: A better way to manage essential messaging

Confirmations Dashboard ✅

Big news for event planners everywhere! 

We're excited to unveil Confirmations, a one-stop dashboard for all things confirmed.


What is it?
A central place to manage on-screen and email confirmations for every attendee status:

→ RSVP Yes
→ Waitlist
→ Tickets

How does it work?
Just click the Confirmations tab on the event page toolbar to get started.

From the dashboard, you can easily toggle between attendee statuses to set messaging for each:


You can also:
→ Enable (or disable) social link sharing
→ Enable (or disable) Add to calendar options
→ Send test confirmation emails
Turn confirmation emails off altogether (on-page confirmations are required)

What about Tickets?
Fear not! With Confirmations, you can set unique confirmation messaging for each ticket type:


But the biggest win of all?
You can fully customize the design of both your email and on-page confirmations — just click the Edit button to start designing!



Why the change?
Email and on-page confirmations were previously managed in the Forms tab – and if you used a custom template for email confirmations, you wound up managing confirmations in two different places.

Here's what you can expect:

Complete design freedom ✅
Empowering event hosts to create beautiful, on-brand experiences for every touchpoint is kind of our thing. In keeping with this, you can now create email and on-page confirmations with the same level of brand fidelity you’re accustomed to in Splash.

→ Unique + targeted messaging ✅
The ability to create unique messaging based on attendee status or ticket type means smarter, better communications for your guests - no generic language required!

→ Streamlined, more efficient workflow ✅
With just one destination for all things confirmed, you can faithfully make a beeline to the checkmark icon on your event page toolbar. In a few clicks, you'll be well on your way to designing the confirmation email of your dreams – and you won't need to jump around our platform to do it!


It's that good.

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