How do I create a fixed navigation while scrolling on the page?

Creating a fixed navigation block — a block that "sticks" to the top of the page — is smart a way to make accessing event content easy. 

Additionally, if you add a registration button in your navigation, it doubles as a strategic way to make sure people never lose sight of your page's most important action.

Here's how to create a fixed navigation:

1. Add a new Nav Block to the page from our Navigation category. 

2. In the Layout tab, drag the Nav Block to the very top of your page's layout.

3. Click on the Nav Block to open its contents.

4. Click on the Block's Title to access the full block.

5. Click into the Positioning Tab.

6. Click on the Positioning dropdown menu

7. Change the Positioning to Fixed.

8. Enter values of 0px on the top and left-hand inputs inside the positioning grid.

9. Ensure the Z-index is set to 5 or higher to make sure the entire block "floats" on top of all other elements on-page.




Pro-Tip #1:

If you find that the navigation block falls beneath certain elements or blocks on-page as you scroll down, just increase the Z-index to be a higher number.

Pro-Tip #2:

After you set the Nav Block to be fixed, it sits on top of the block below it. We recommend adding padding to the top of the block (usually your Cover Block) below the Navigation Block so that none of its content is obscured by your fixed positioned Navigation block!


Feel free to watch this in-depth video to further assist you and to see this process in action:

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