Checking in your attendees with Web Check-in

When it comes time to check in your guests, you’ve got options. There are three ways to keep tabs on who has arrived:

  1. Splash Host App for iOS
  2. Splash Host App for Android
  3. Web Check-in (via internet browser)

When should I use Web Check-in?

Our native apps for iOS and Android will offer you our most sophisticated experience, allowing for check-in, ticket scanning, advanced list filtering, registration, offline capabilities, and lots, lots more.

The non-app version, Web Check-in, offers a simple, streamlined method of check-in and registration with several benefits:

  • Works great on laptops and can be loaded on any mobile device
  • No login required - easily accessed via a unique URL
  • Privacy - restricts access to check-in only
  • Ability to quickly register walk-in guests and edit existing RSVPs

The Host App is our recommended check-in method, but we also know that you can't always control the devices you'll have access to.

Important note: For security purposes, Web Check-in links are deactivated 48 hours after the event's end date.

Using Web Check-in:

1. Begin by going to your event's Guests or RSVPs tab.


2. Click the Mobile button in the upper left-hand corner of your screen for an RSVP event or top-right corner for a ticketed event. 



3. Below the option to download the app version, click the "Continue to Web Check-in" button to be on your way.


4. Next, you'll be brought to your Web Check-in page, where you’ll find a list of your Attending and Checked In guests, all searchable by name.


5. Open the Filters tab to search your list by first or last initial, as well as choose from a variety of filtration options.

For example, if you'd like to limit your list to display your full Guest List (all guests, including invitees) or just your Waitlist, just select from the dropdown menu shown below.


Okay, you're about to start checking guests now, aren't you?

7. Before you get started, bookmark your event's unique check-in url — just in case you accidentally exit — and take a second to distribute it to others who will be assisting you.



8. You probably guessed it: checking in guests is as easy as clicking the box next to their names.



9. Click on guests to view or edit their RSVP information; the guests can also be checked in from their RSVP Info screen.

Let’s use Atticus Finch as an example guest at the Crossword Conference. VIPs like Finch are indicated with a star icon by their names. Type the name in the search bar, click to view his profile, then click the check-in box to indicate that he has arrived. 



You can always return to your guest list using the back button in the upper left-hand corner. 


In the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll see the most up to date count of the number of guests who have been checked in compared to the number of guests who have RSVP'd. 


To register a walk-in guest, use the + button on the upper-right side of the guest list. 

The questions that were asked of invitees on your event page can be filled in here. You can also check in your guest right from the registration screen.


The SYNC button forces Web Check-in to communicate with other devices, sending your check-in and registrations to your teammates and vice-versa. 

Depending on the quality of your internet connection, syncing will happen automatically every 30-60 seconds.


This easy check-in process is now underway! Please remember that Web Check-in requires an internet connection.

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