6/13/17 - Check guests out of your events

Ever wonder how long your guests were at your event? Or ever thrown an event so lit, you had a line of guests at the door, practically praying for a spot to open up.

Splash has released a new default attendee status — Checked Out — and its presence in your check-in process will add sophistication to your door, communication, and post-event reporting.

How it works:

In your Splash mobile app, locate your departing guest then tap on their name to open their contact card. From here, just update the guest's status to Checked Out.


The new Checked Out status will be signified by a flat purple, which stands in contrast to the bright green display for when a guest's status is Checked In.



Using Guest List Settings, you can choose to view Checked Out guests alone or alongside guests of other statuses, such as Checked In or Attending.


Within your main guest list, your guest's Checked Out status will show to the right of their name.

Each time you check a guest out, your total Checked In count will decrease by one, providing a real time understanding of the number of guests currently in the room. 


When you navigate to your desktop Guest List, you can use the Columns Manager to reveal each guest's Checked-In and Checked-Out times, allowing you determine their time spent at the event.


Checked Out is also a standard sidebar Status you can use to filter by, either for reporting or sending targeted emails. 



To learn more about how to use the Checked Out status, just visit the latest entry in Splash's Host App 101 Guide.

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