10. Checking guests out of an event ("Checked Out" status)

The Checked Out status can be applied when a guest leaves your event. It's most commonly used when venue's are at capacity — by checking a guest out, that frees up a spot on you Checked In list (reducing it by one), allowing you to admit the next guest in line. 

But the status can be used for a variety of other reasons:

  • Let's say you want to analyze how long your guests are sticking around for. By having a Checked In and Checked Out timestamp in your guest list export, you can arrive at an accurate number.

  • Or, maybe you want to trigger an instant message or push notifications to your Sales team the moment their clients leave. 

  • Perhaps your event is being attended by children, and the Checked Out status is a way for you to have a record each child left the event safely.

Pretty versatile, right?

Checking Guests Out of an Event

1. Find the guest you'd like to check out — for this example, we'll use Buckaroo Banzai — and tap on the listing.


2. When you're on the guest's contact card, tap the Edit button in the upper-right.



3. Tap the Status input and select Checked Out from the drop-down.
4. Hit SAVE




The guest has now been checked out — nice job!

On the contact card, you'll notice the new Checked Out status (and color) and that the original Checked In time was preserved.



If you go to your Guest List Settings, you can apply the Checked Out status as a guest list filter.



Now, when you return to your main list, you'll see all Checked Out guests in addition to any other statuses you are filtering by.



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