3. Adding events to your hub

Let's go ahead and give our hub some meat! We're talking about publishing the events we'd like to make available for discovery. 


As we saw in the last chapter, our first step is to add a hub element to our page:


From there, we're able to fill the hub up with events, which just so happens to be even easier!

You can add events to your hub in two places:

1. Directly on page, by hovering over your hub element and clicking the green Add Event button.



2. Or, you can do so by:

  1. Hopping into your page's Layout tab
  2. Clicking into the block that houses your hub element
  3. Navigating inside your hub element
  4. Clicking Event Hub → Manage Events - From the appearing Hub Management window, you'll be able to use the green Add Event button.


Obviously, the first option is much quicker, but as with most things in Splash, there are multiple ways to skin the cat. (Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this article.)

Let's dive a bit deeper into the ins and outs of adding an event

A few things you'll notice right off the bat:

1. The Post New Event window will list all of the events that you have access to.

You have the ability to sort these events by Upcoming First, Date Created, Recently Updated, and Alphabetical.


You can also choose to view your events in list form or card form.


Additionally, you're able to add an external event (meaning an event hosted on a site that's not Splash) to your hub by clicking the Add External Event button in the bottom left-hand corner.


This will prompt you to enter in details that will be displayed on the hub (specifically, the hub card, which we'll discuss in more detail in our next chapter!), including the event's Title, External URL, Date & Time, Venue, Image on card, Description on Card, and beyond.

Note: It's important to include as many of these event details within the event Settings upfront when adding events to a hub. This not only allows you to see exactly how the elements will appear on each hub card style, but it also saves you from overlooking any. Welcome to the no elements left behind club!

Upon adding in events from your dashboard, you'll notice that your event details are dynamically pulled into a simple, elegant hub card.


Hovering over your hub card and clicking the gear icon will open up your event details. Making any changes within this Edit Event window will update the details on its Splash page!

In other words, your event page and its hub card are dynamically linked. Pretty sweet, right? 


What to expect in your events dashboard

You can filter by these events using dashboard filters. Check it out!


Now that you have events added to your Hub, learn more about designing your Hub cards next!

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