6/5/2017 - A new way to preview your event as a guest

Ever visit your event page for a quick glimpse of what guests will see, only to find that you’re in edit mode?


Our latest update nips this potential confusion right in the proverbial bud — plus it loads your event page faster than ever before. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Behold: Mode Switch


What is it?
A new way to view your event page in edit and preview mode. Specifically, it’s a drop-down menu attached to your event page, visible only when you’re logged in.

How does it work?
Instead of seeing the edit toolbar on loading your event page, you’ll see Mode Switch.

→ If you want to make manage or edit your event, click the Edit link
→ If you want to view the page as a guest, scroll on through

It’s that easy.


Why the change?

  • Dedicated, purpose-driven URLs eliminate guesswork and reduce friction in your workflow, freeing your time for more important matters. 
  • Your (pre)viewing URL will look something like:
  • Your editing URL will look something like:
  • Faster page load: Since the page no longer needs to determine whether to load in edit or preview mode, you’ll reach your desired landing page that much faster. 
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