6/1/2017 - Splash releases an update to make your events discoverable on Google

Great news for event organizers: Google just made it easier for people to find your events.

On May 10th, Google announced a new Google event search update that makes events more discoverable in search results to mobile web or Google app users on-the-go.

Now, rather than seeing a typical search results page, you’ll see this:


For the universe of non-Splash users, this change signifies the need to quickly evolve their website's codebase — Google even provides a guide for developers to "mark up" websites to be discoverable in event listings.

For Splash users like you?

No need for any special SEO or content marketing skills — Splash already has the markup and discoverability included with all events that meet the necessary criteria:

  • Your Splash event has to be public
  • Your Splash event must have a date and venue
  • Your Splash event must opt in to be indexed

Pretty easy, right?

And if you don't want your event to be discoverable on search engines, just make the event private and double check to ensure your page isn't being indexed (the default setting is that it won't be). 

To read more about Google's update, peep this article from the Splash blog.


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