How do I add links to the RSVP form?

Sometimes during the RSVP process, you need to share some additional information with your guests that’s not featured on your event page. In these instances, you can add a hyperlink to the RSVP form using a custom question, linking out to supplementary information. Cool, right?

This feature requires the addition of a custom question.

The custom question option will allow you to add basic HTML to the RSVP form.

To add a custom question, you’ll want to first: 

  1. Click Registration Form.
  2. Then click Add Question and Create New.
  3. Choose Question Type, then URL, then Add to Form.
  4. Type the question into the Label box. 
  5. Highlight the text, click the link icon and add the URL.
  6. Hit Save. 



Voila! Now, when guests go to the RSVP, they’ll see the linkable text. 


Learn more about adding questions to your RSVP form here. 


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