How do I update a theme?

A theme is like a rubber stamp: it allows you and your team to create consistently beautiful event pages quickly and efficiently.

When you need to make an adjustment to your theme's design, RSVP form, or email templates, begin by hopping into the theme to make edits.

To update a theme:

1. Toggle into Designer Pro editing mode in your Account Settings. 


2. Head to the Themes tab of your dashboard, open the options for the theme you'd like to update, and click on Edit Theme. 


3. From here, you can make changes as with any other event. Adjust order form questions, email templates, settings, and more!


4. And of course, you can drop into any of the touchpoints and alter their design however you would like! 


5. Finally, once you have made all of the changes you would like, head to the Event Page workspace.

6. Open the Theme tab in the Layout menu.

7. Mouse over the little gear icon with the work Theme next to it and click on it. 

8. Click the Update Theme button in the popup window. 


How does this affect existing event pages? 

Design changes will only apply to all event pages created after the theme was updated. 

Design, Layout, and RSVP Form updates on previously created pages will also not be affected.

Custom email templates and tracking pixels updated will appear on all event pages created from the theme — both future and retroactive.

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