How do I export the reason for all of my invalid emails?

Quick refresher: Invalid emails are email addresses that have bounced on a previous email send.

To export an organized spreadsheet that includes all of the reasons why your invalid email addresses initially bounced, follow these steps:

1. Hop into the Guests tab on your page's editing toolbar.

2. Choose the Columns button in the Action Bar.

3. Select the Bounced column and save. This will show any bounce or invalid reasonings for guests who have been sent emails from your account. 

4. Choose the Filter button in the Action bar.

5. Select Invalid Email from the middle column.

6. Choose "Invalid Emails - Last email sent to this email address bounced."

7. Save and Apply Filters.


You can now proceed with exporting this data (as you normally would complete any other export) by clicking the Export button in the top right-hand corner.



Remember that you can correct an email directly from a guest's contact card as well as remove current Invalid flags by following the steps in this FAQ.

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