How do I set up text message (SMS) notifications for RSVPs and check-ins?

It's the day of your event, and your team's phones are super-glued to their hands. Now, how about pumping some extra power into those puppies with Splash text message alerts? 

Splash SMS notifications are still in beta, which means setup requires help from your Customer Success team. Reach out if you'd like to get started.

Setup Notice

We require 5 business days notice prior to the event to ensure proper setup and testing. 

Per-event Activation

Activating SMS notifications must be enabled on each event you'd like to use it for. At this time, it cannot be turned on at the organization level.


SMS notifications will be sent to the event owner and all event-level collaborators. You can choose to have notifications set up for when:

  • Guests RSVP
  • Guests checks in
  • Both of the above

If you mark guests as VIPs for your events, we can also set up notifications to only send when VIPs RSVPs/check in.

Receiving Notifications

To receive the notifications, you must add a phone number to your Splash account profile ( Click update once it's in there, and don't forget your area code.

Reminder: You must be the event owner or a collaborator on the event to receive notifications.


Let's go!

Please send our Support team:

1) The Event's URL

2) The actions to trigger notifications (RSVPs, Check-ins, or both)

3) If you want notifications for all guests or VIPs only

Submit your info here, and we'll pull the trigger.

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