12. Viewing/Editing Guest Information

Retrieving and editing guest information on the fly can be extremely helpful, especially if you'd like your on-site staff to offer more personalized greeting to attendees.

Start by tapping anywhere on the attendee for whom you'd like to view or edit information:



You'll be brought to the attendee's contact card, where you will be able to review and take a few preliminary actions before diving deeper.



Info here includes:

  • Guest Name
  • Guest Email
  • The guest's +1s and their status
  • The Lists the guest belongs to
  • The tags the guests has been labeled with
  • VIP Status (Yes or No)
  • Notes

Actions you can take from this screen includes::

  • Adding/editing Attendee notes
  • Navigating to full RSVP info
  • Navigating to full Contact info
  • Checking the guest in
  • Navigating to the contact card of a +1

Tapping the top of the Ticket Stub button on the bottom of the Contact Card will reveal the guest's RSVP details — this is all information submitted via this event's RSVP process.

You can also Edit and update this information right from this screen.



If you tap the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the Contact Card, you will be able to view and edit:

  1. Contact-level information (info imported or submitted for various events)


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