4/21/17 - Best Practices for Applying Margin & Padding

Margin and padding provide breathing room between blocks, containers, and elements. It is the best way to create and reduce space on an event page.

To put it simply: margin and padding are settings that help give blocks some breathing room. Padding controls the internal space within an element  and margin controls the external space around an element. Stick to percentage values to keep your designs scaleable, and apply padding on the outermost container whenever possibleHow you apply each is up to you, but we do recommend putting some thought into margin and/or padding before crafting your layout. 

We encourage our designers to keep it simple. That means applying margin and/or padding in as few places as possible. 

The video below walks you through a basic example, but this concept can be applied to any and all Splash pages:



To learn more about the in's and out's of Margin & Padding, take a look at this video below as well:

And for any eager learners, we have a couple of other articles regarding Margin & Padding that are a bit more in-depth here:



Allie DeCastro
Content Project Manager, Designer

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