6. Reviewing, sending, and scheduling your email

It's time to take the plunge!
Let's review the last steps you'll take before firing off your email.

At this stage in the process, you'll be operating in the Review tab of your email:


First, we'll see our Total Emails Remaining:

  • Splash Basic users have 50 email credits per event with the ability to purchase more
  • Splash Enterprise users have unlimited email credits across all events


Next we'll see our email details including:

  • Campaign Name: Easily editable directly on this screen.

  • Send Email: If you're operating with Splash Enterprise, you have the ability to schedule your email (more on that later).

  • Sending To: Here's where the full count of your recipients lives. If you pop back by clicking Edit, you'll be taken back into the Add Recipients stage.

  • Sender Name: Easily editable directly on this screen.

  • Subject Line: Also easily editable directly on this screen.

  • Calendar Attachment: Here is where you can choose to remove the calendar attachment, if you decide against it, or remember to go back to the draft and add one.


Additionally, your Event Page Settings are clearly laid out as well; this is one last chance to make sure everything is A+ on your Splash page before firing off the message. 

These details include:

  • Event Summary: This includes your Title, Hashtag, Domain, Location, Time & Date. Clicking edit will bring you into the event's Settings window.

  • RSVP Form/Ticket Settings: This is the current state of the RSVPS (i.e. Accepting, Closed, etc.) OR Tickets (i.e. Currently selling tickets). Clicking Edit will bring you into your Form or Ticket tab.

  • Page Access (i.e. Public, Private, etc.): Clicking Edit will bring you into your event Settings.


Scheduling your email

If you're operating with Splash for Business, you also have the ability to schedule your emails for a future date and time within the Review section of the Email Sender!

Check out your options:


Pro Tip: If you chose a quick list of email recipients (i.e. Attending, Awaiting Reply, etc.) and then scheduled your email for a future date, that quick list will automatically update and send to the correct recipients.

Our advice? If possible, give it a quick check before blast off to make sure everything is looking A+.

Hitting Send

Ready to blast off immediately? It's as easy as hitting that big blue Send button in the top right corner.


Don't worry! We have an extra confirmation message that pops up to remind you of the recipient count you're about to send to.


Click to continue to Lesson 7: Analyzing Email Stats: Engagement & deliverability

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