5. Choosing your email's recipients

Beautiful email design? Check. Tested and QA'd to perfection? Check.

Now it's time for one of the most crucial steps in the process: Choosing your recipients.

Splash offers a variety of different ways to add recipients to your email. But there are two main distinctions to note:

1. You can add recipients directly from your Guest List (The Guests tab in your toolbar). This is definitely the way to go if you've already set up your entire sequence of event emails in advance (i.e. Save the Date, Invitation, Speaker Update, Day of Reminder, etc.). It's also an extremely powerful way to curate custom emails lists using a variety of filters.

2. You can add recipients directly within the Email Sender — either directly within the flow of creating your emails or by revisiting an existing draft or template. 

Let's take a look at Option #1: Emailing guests directly from your guest list using the scenario of the Save the Date!

Assuming you've already gone ahead and imported a list of individuals you'd like to invite to your event into your Guest List — quick article on that here — you can easily select certain individuals to email.

Using Status: This is an awesome way to grab recipients based on where they currently stand: Attending, Checked In, Awaiting Reply, Not Attending, Waitlisted, or No Status. In this case, we're looking to add individuals with No Status to our initial Save the Date email draft.

  1. First, filter according to the appropriate Status.
  2. Select all individuals with the Status.
  3. Click the Email prompt in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Select the email draft you'd like to add these recipients to (Note: you can also choose to add them to a brand new draft)


Using My Lists
: Same deal here! Filter according to any of your Lists and follow the same process.


Using Filters
: Using Filters is great, especially if you're looking to send to a specific email to a particular set of your guest list. Say for example you're looking to email invitees from a specific company...


After you've followed any of above steps, you can view your recipients in...

The Drafts section of your Email Sender:


Within the Recipients tab of the email:


And within the Review tab of your email:


Now let's take a look at Option #2: 
Adding guests directly from your Email Sender's Recipients tab.

Inside your Recipient tab you'll be able to click the Add Recipients prompt:


This will put up the following options for adding recipients:

You'll also notice that you can add recipients using Quick Lists. Quick lists are dynamic and automatically generate based on the activity of your invitees...even when your email is scheduled for a future date (we'll dive into this in our next chapter).


*Note that "No Status" is not an available Quick List! We most often see Quick Lists used for invitees that fall under the category of Attending and Awaiting Reply.

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