4/19/17 - Change guest statuses from the Host App

Today's newest feature expands Splash's mobile guest management capabilities, empowering hosts to make updates to attendee statuses directly from the check-in application.

Status updates made in the app — most notably, removing a guest from the event by changing the status from Attending to Not Attending — sync to other mobile devices and back to desktop more or less in real time.

Here's how it works:

Find the guest in your list and tap on his/her name to open the contact card.



Tap the Edit button to load the guest's editable response.



Tap the Status input; you'll now be able to toggle through and choose from available statuses. Syncing will occur the moment you save, assuming your device is connected to the internet. 



For more information on the Host App and how to use its full capabilities, check out our Online 101 Guide.

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