How do I use bullet points on my Splash page?

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably wondering where we’re hiding the bullets. Not the shooting kind, but those of the list variety.

The Bad News
Splash event pages don’t support bullet points (although email invitations do).

The Good News
There are other ways to build and display visually appealing lists. Let’s check ‘em out.

Bullet Point Alternatives for Your Event Page

List Blocks
By adding a list block to your event page, you can easily create itemized, organized lists which will compliment your content and won’t skimp on style.

By virtue of being a repeatable element, list blocks are easily customizable; you can add an infinite amount of items, and each item can be dragged and dropped.


Dashes or Stars in Text Elements
If you’re looking for something more basic, using dashes (-) or stars (*) within a text element is the simplest way of creating a list.


Bullets Points in Splash Emails

You can actually use bullet points in your event emails — they'll be available in the Rich Text Editor.

We even offer three different bullet point styles:

Disc (Default)






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