9. Walk-ins and +1s: How to collect on-site registrations

In addition to check-in, the Splash App also allows you to register guests, which can be useful for a variety of use-cases:

1. Walk-in registration
2. Registering guests of guests (+1s)
3. On-site surveys
4. Brand Ambassador registrations and contests

Here's how it works: For RSVP events, the registration form in the app will ask the same questions that have been added to your online event registration form. The simple registration interface allows you to sign up guests, automatically check them in, send a confirmation email, and even associate them to as the guest of one of your other guests. All RSVPs — submitted online or via the app — will all exist within the same list.

Note: For ticketed events, there is currently no way to associate a guest with a ticket from an in-app registration. 

How to perform on-site registration

1. From the event's Guest List screen, tap the "+" button in the bottom center of the screen, opening your Registration Form.




2. Choose the number of walk-ups you'd like to register together; the first person you enter (next step) will be assigned as the Main Attendee with all others being their guest.

3. After selecting the number of guests you'd like to register, tap the Enter Guest Details button, bringing you to the registration form for the Main Attendee. 




4. By default, you'll be prompted to insert three mandatory fields for each guest: First Name, Last Name, and Email. To reveal any other questions that were asked during online registration, hit the Show Extra Questions button.

5. Tap the Next Guest button to register your Main Attendee's Guest Details.


6. After you've entered the info for the group, you'll be brought to the review screen where you can select the status to assign each guest and send/deactivate a confirmation email. 


You're now ready to quickly register guests! Easy, right?

Registering guests of guests (+1s)

To associate a guest with an existing guest — in other words, to add a walk-up as a guest of a guest — just follow this very simple process.

1. On the guest list, tap on the name of the guest for whom you'd like to register a guest, opening his or her contact profile.

2. Tap the Add Guest button, opening the Registration Form.


3.  You'll now be prompted by the identical sequence of screens as you we saw when reviewing Quick Registration above — the ONLY difference is that you'll only be adding +1s and not a Main Attendee.

If you tap back into the original guest's contact profile, you'll now see the newly listed +1.



There will also be a little +1 indicator next to the parent guest within the guest list; below are a couple of examples.


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