Saving and sharing blocks

Did you know you can save the content blocks you design and share them with your team? Did you know that you can use them again and again to build more Splash pages with similar layouts?

It’s not a dream - it’s true!

Splash’s driving principle is to speed up workflows — to build with scale in mind. Saving and sharing blocks is a little-known feature of the Splash CMS, but one that is vital to saving time.

By sharing the block with yourself, you add the block to your own library of custom blocks. By sharing your block with your teammates, your team is able to leverage all your expert design work.

This will help ensure visual consistency and brand style across multiple team members.

Here’s how to save your block:

1. Design an amazing block. I'm sure you do all the time :)

PS - Here's a webinar to learn how to build like a boss.

2. Within the Layout tab, click on the Save icon at the bottom of the Accordion Tools (make sure you are on the block level and not, say, viewing a container.)


Upon clicking, a window will pop-up called the Block Saving modal.



3. Check to see if the block was built with our suggested best practices; just click the Validation tab to the left of the window and click Validate My Block.


4. Make any edits suggested using the Accordion Tools, and then take a screenshot of your block.

5. Go back to the Block Saving modal and upload your screenshot to the Details tab.


6.  Name your block, add tags, and define the category (if you don’t know, put it in No Category).

7. Click Save to complete the process.

Now it’s time to share your block with yourself and your teammates!

1. Within the Block Sharing modal, click into the Sharing tab.


2. Pick "User" from the dropdown then enter the email address that you’ve associated with your Splash account. Click to share with yourself. 

You will see that your email address has been listed below.


You can also share the block with your team by selecting "Organization" in the drop down and then choosing your organization in the dropdown that appears just beside it.

To use saved blocks in the future, you can search for them in 2 places: the Yours folder and the Shared folder in the Block Adder.

The Yours folder is where the blocks live that you’ve shared with your Splash Account, while the Shared folder is where your teammates blocks live after they’ve shared them with your organization.

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