Can I add or import guests without email addresses?

Importing Guests

There are two important rules for importing guests via a spreadsheet:

1. ONLY contacts with a unique email address can be successfully imported into Splash. We say "unique" because if the same email address is used more than once within a spreadsheet, the second instance will be skipped over.

Note: Throughout Splash, a contact's email address is his/her unique identifier. 

2. If a contact's email address is missing from your spreadsheet or inputted incorrectly, then that contact will be skipped over entirely.

After your import is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email, which will notify you of the number of contacts that were skipped over.


If you need to import guests for whom you do not have emails, the workaround is to use a unique, dummy email, per contact.

Although it's not required, to ensure you're maintaining clean records, we recommend editing each contact by removing the dummy email address from the contact profile. 



Adding Guests (one by one)

As mentioned above, while having an email address for each guest is preferred, there are occasions when you might not have one for select guests, but need to add those guests to your lists, especially for check-in purposes.

In these cases, you can add the contact individually to to your event list using the
One by One option.



Again, you will need to input an email address to add the contact to the page — so use a dummy one — and then you can remove the placeholder email once you've added the guest to the list.



While adding guests without emails isn't the ideal situation, it's an effective workaround! The downside is that nobody loves dummy records, but with the proper attention to detail, the situation can be quickly remediated.

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