1. The Email Sender's role in your event marketing strategy

Let's lay down the law: The most powerful marketing happens in-person.

But getting people to show up to that experience? Well, that requires some serious email marketing chops.

It's all about identifying your dream team (we're talking about your all-star attendee lineup), marking the date in red on their calendars, providing them with each and every exciting update along the way (get the FOMO brewing), urging them to share with friends (there's no greater civic duty, right?), and then sending hyper-targeted reminders — 5 days out, 1 day out, the morning of... no attendee left behind!

FACT: You can guarantee higher conversion rates and less day-of attrition if you develop and execute a comprehensive email strategy.

Enter Splash's Email Sender: a robust tool for delivering beautiful, strategic messages to the right audience at the right time for each and every event you're tasked with marketing.

The next few chapters will cover the ins and outs of the Email Sender.

Here's what to look forward to:

1. Designing email templates that mirror your event page. Every email is an extension of your living, breathing event!

2. Customizing your emails with personalization tags to make that dream list feel ever so special.

3. The nitty gritty: Who's your message coming from? What's the subject line? What's your campaign name? Are you including a calendar invite? Is your guest's RSVP form auto-populated? What's your tracking situation look like?

4. Developing a Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) process before any piece of event communication reaches the hallowed ground that is an invitee's inbox.

5. Choosing your recipients, which includes uploading individual contacts, importing a CSV file, choosing a dynamic quick list based on attendee status, or targeting a Ticket type.

6. Immediately sending or scheduling that message (it's easy) to ensure optimal engagement.

7. Analyzing the statistics - Who engaged with your email? Who didn't even receive your email...why didn't they? 

8. Acting on your data: We're talking about remediation strategies to ensure essential communications reaches the most exclusive of inboxes.

9. And finally, the post-event follow-up. There's no better way to learn and grow than by sending a survey email. Your hook? Linking guests back to compelling Splash content: pictures, presentations, videos, GIFs, carousels. The whole nine.

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