What's the difference between an event page and a custom theme?

The difference between a theme and an event page can feel a bit confusing. When is an event page a theme? And when is a theme an event page?

Here’s what you need to know: 

  1. First off, themes are awesome! - Themes are event page templates that allow you to templatize everything: from the design, to RSVP questions, to confirmation messaging to the email templates, to your privacy settings. Nice, right?

    Themes are shareable
    Themes allow your entire team to benefit from your work.

  2. Think of a theme as a rubber stamp - So yes, a theme is an event page. It’s an event page you deemed worthy of being made into a template.

    Once an event page is saved as a theme (a template), it will be a theme you can choose from the next time you create a new event page. It will show up in the YOURS tab of your theme library.

  3. Your rubber stamp (theme) will exist in your events dashboard the same way any other event page does.

    This is the confusing part, right?

    You have a dashboard filled of events, you saved one or a few of them as themes, but the themes don’t look any different than the other non-themes.

    What gives?

    Yup, we’re with ya on that. Themes should look visually different (and they will soon) — even if some of them are doubling as active event pages.

    That’s why we recommend organizing your themes using tags. Check it out!

  4. Here are the rules for themes:
  • Any event page created using a theme will instantly be divorced from the theme.

    In other words, once the cake is baked, it doesn’t matter if you go back and update the recipe book — or conversely, if you went on to ruin the cake.

    If you make changes to theme after the event page is created, the event page will not be affected.
    Editing your newly created event page will not affect the parent theme.

  • In terms of emails, drafts saved to the theme do not carry over to the new event page BUT email templates do.

    If you want email templates to appear on child event pages, make sure you save them as templates on the theme page.

  • This is your opportunity to make things foolproof! This is your chance to SCALE your program!

    Again, what’s great about themes is that you are templatizing more than just the page design: all RSVP settings, ticket settings, emails, questions, tickets, social sharing, and more will be featured on its child pages.
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