8. Performing check-in and registration offline (when internet connection is lost)

No need to fear if your internet connection is unexpectedly interrupted: the Splash Host app offers an automatic, offline mode that allows you to continue checking guests in and/or registering them on-site until internet access has been restored.

Please note that an internet connection is required to perform the follow, requisite functions:

  1. Logging into the app
  2. The initial loading of an event's guest list
  3. Syncing check-ins and registrations between devices and back to desktop

Best practice: Before heading to your venue, log into all check-in devices and pre-load your guest list. If there's an internet issue, you'll be covered!

Working in Offline Mode

When your device's internet connection is lost, you'll notice a red bar running along the type of the screen as well as the appearance of an Unsynced Guests count.

You can simulate the loss of connection by turning on Airplane Mode. (Go ahead, give it a shot!)

Note: When a device is offline it cannot communicate with other devices, nor will it sync check-ins and registrations back to the desktop of Splash. You are merely storing the newly collected event data locally until connection is restored.


Each check-in and/or registration you make while the connection is lost will be tabulated in the Unsynced Guest count.



When your internet connection is restored (as seen below), the Syncing process will immediately initiate, showing you the number of guests remaining until the sync is complete. 

Syncing is the process of your device communicating with other devices the most up to date guest list information, including check-ins, registration, or attendee edits.

General note: When your device has a stable internet connection, it will auto-sync around every 15 seconds, with some variance dependent on the quality of the network.


What happens if I leave the app before syncing?

Okay, so you submitted a bunch of offline check-ins. Then, in the high of the event being over, you put down the iPad, threw it in your book bag, and headed back to the office. 

Where do all those check-ins go?

The moment your device is reconnected to the internet, all you have to do is open the Splash app up again to initiate the syncing. For good measure, tap back into the event to double check, although opening the app alone should suffice.

Important Disclaimer: If an account specifically logs out of the app (vs. simply closing it out) while the guests were still un-synced/offline, that data will be lost without the ability to restore it. You will receive this warning before logging out, so please take action carefully!





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