6. Filtering your Guest List by Status, Tags, Lists, and more

The default view of your guest list will be Attending, Checked in; this means you'll see all confirmed guests (RSVP Yes) and everyone you marked as having shown up (Checked In).

However, there are many different ways you may wish to view your list on-site.

By opening Guest List Settings, the app will enable to filter your list with similar sophistication as you can for Splash on your computer.



Guest List Settings

Splash allows you to filter by a few different criteria:

  • Status - Applying multiple Status filters will show ALL people with any of those statuses (i.e. Attending, Invited, and Checked In). Removing, or un-checking, statuses is how you make your list smaller and more targeted. 

    The animation below shows that by de-selecting the Attending status, the list size goes from 21 (Attending + Checked in) down to just the 9 (Checked In).


  • Lists & Tags - You can filter your list by any List or Tag that your guests have been assigned to.

    The app treats Tags and Lists interchangeably. So if you gave journalist guests a PRESS tag instead of adding them to a Press List, this will not inhibit you from filtering.

    In the animation below, you'll see that by applying the List filter, the main list becomes limited to just the six people on the Bonafide Studs list. This allows you to see that 5 of 6 (83%) of those list members have been checked in.


  • Ticket Type - By-ticket is a great way to filter your guest list by one or multiple ticket types. This allows you to understand the current check-in count for, say, your General Admission tickets separately from all other ticket types.


  • All Guests vs. Guests of Guests - This filter allows you to look at just Guests of Guests, which means +1s separately from their parent RSVPs.

  • VIP - The VIP filter makes it easy to quickly view those identified as very important.

Downloading Lists

Because an event's Invited and Added lists tend to be the very largest — and most users prefer to use the Attending list — the aforementioned do not come auto-loaded, meaning you'll need to download them if you want to use them.

What's are the Invited and added Lists? 

  • Invited - All invitees who were invited who did not respond or buy a ticket.
  • Added - All guests who were added to your list but were not invited or did not RSVP.

If you're connected to the internet, you can download these lists to your app in a matter of seconds. Just tap the Download button, and you'll see a progress indicator until the process has completed.



You can also search for a guest by name or company at any time by clicking the magnifying glass at the bottom of the Guests tab.



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