How do I change the address my emails are sent from?

One of the many perks of being a part of Splash Enterprise is the ability for every part of your guest experience to be distinctly on-brand — including the emails you send through Splash.

What is Email White Labeling?

Email White Labeling refers to the technical setup that allows you to send emails from your company’s domain directly from the Splash email tool.

After Splash configures the necessary DNS settings, in collaboration with your IT Team, the White Labeling will be instantly activated across your entire Splash organization. 

Note: Splash's email sender is powered by SendGrid. Learn more here.

What options do I have?

This email address you set up can be one of two options: Dynamic or Static.

1. Dynamic: This option will feature the event page's title before the @ symbol in the email (example: 

2. Static: The email address will remain constant across all events you send from (example: or

The domain in the alias must not currently be used to host other websites.  
How long does this take to set up?

The typical turnaround time is around 10 business days, which leaves ample time for your team to provide us all the required information and for Splash to apply the configurations to your enterprise organization.

This time allotment also accounts for any questions you may have.

What's the cost?

A standard, static white label costs $1,500 to implement. Note that this cost may vary depending on scope.

ool, now what!?

If you're a Splash Enterprise client, submit a request! Our Support Team will get the ball rolling and loop in your Customer Success Manager to confirming pricing for your team.

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