Why shouldn't I use the rich text editor (RTE) toolbar to upload images?

So you're editing text in a block or element and that rich text editor (RTE) toolbar appears with it's glorious Insert Image icon. It's tempting, we know.

Unfortunately, there are many limitations and, more importantly, dangers to uploading images via this RTE toolbar. These include images not appearing across different devices, wonky sizes, and beyond.

As a Splash best practice, we 100% recommend using our image blocks or (if you're operating with Splash for Business) our image/square elements.

Why? Our amazing team of designers built a robust block and element library and tested its inhabitants across multiple platforms and devices. Bottom line - it's as safe and secure as you can get.

So if you're using Splash Basic, you can add an Image block from our block library, as you would any other block, and edit it on down using:



And if you're operating with Splash for Business, you can do the same...plus add an image element to any block you're working in, as you would any other element:



The same goes for stylizing text! We highly encourage you to use our Layout tab — not the RTE toolbar — for editing font size, color, and beyond. It's key for responsiveness across browsers, as it allows you to use units like REM or EM instead of pixels.



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