5a. Checking in your attendees and scanning tickets (Ticketed Events)

Before you start swiping & scanning (that's how to check people in), let's quickly familiarize ourselves with the guest list, which will act as your home screen during check-in:

  • Viewing Filters (top-left) - These are your guest list filters. The default filter will show all ticket purchasers. 

  • Guest Status - There's a few different statuses a guest can have: Invited, Attending, and Checked-in are the big ones.

  • VIP Indicator - If you marked off any VIPs, their status will be indicated with a gold star.

  • Checked-in to Attendee Count - A quick, on-the-fly ration of the number and percentage of people checked in on the list you are viewing.

  • Secondary Label - Additional information, such as ticket type or registration question, that can be displayed under a guest's name.





Let's scan tickets!

The tickets you sell do not have to be scanned — you can just swipe or tap on guests names (see below) if you'd prefer — but scanning is incredibly easy!

1. From your guest list, hit the QR Code scanner in the bottom-right corner, opening the device's camera. (You can scan from an iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod Touch.)

2. Line up the ticket's QR code inside the appearing scanner (see below). You can scan either a printed ticket or the guest's smartphone screen.

3. The device will recognize the code and automatically check the guest in, producing a green success message.

Simple, right?

4. Remain on the scanning screen to continue checking in guests. 



If a ticket has already been scanned, the app will produce the below prompt.



Checking guests in the old fashioned way

Just swipe right on a guest's name to change their status to Checked In. 
Talk about easy!



Search & Swipe

When searching for a guest by name, you can swipe & check-in right from the search results.


Check-in from contact profile

Tapping on a guest's name will bring you to the person's contact profile. This is yet another location that you can check a guest in — just tap the CHECK IN bar. 



Accidentally checked someone in? Undo the check-in

By swiping on a guest's name a second time, you can undo the check-in, restoring the guest to their previous status.


Checking in walk-ups

Let's say you're using the app's quick registration tool. If you'd like for the guests you set up on-site to automatically be checked in up sign-up, simply select from the drop down menu on the form and change the Register Guest as Status to Checked In.

Worth noting: You are unable to associate a walk-up "quick" registration from the app with a ticket type (read more).



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