4. Event Tools on iOS: What's available and how to find them

The previous installment offered a quick orientation of the app's home screen. Now, we'll dive in a layer deeper and look at how to find the tools that accompany a single event.

The guest list acts as the event's dashboard

The heartbeat of your event are the people who are the guest list. That's why immediately upon accessing an event in the app, the very first screen you'll see is a list of everyone who is registered (We'll talk about how to filter your list in just a bit.)

Your guest list also acts as your dashboard; it's from here that you check people in, register walk-ups, search your list, view guest info, access your filters, or take a quick detour to social sharing and badge printing.

Each subsequent section below will offer a deeper look at the tools & sections accessed from the Home Screen.

An event's guest list is accessed by tapping on the event card in the app's home screen. 



Guest List Settings: Filter like a boss

The ability to filter is an important part of the check-in experience, as it allows you to view your guest list by a combination of statuses, lists, and tags. 

It's also within Guest List that you can apply a secondary label — any one personal identifier (i.e. company) — to appear under the attendee's name within your main list.

Guest List Settings are accessed by tapping the three vertical dots next to the total guest count in the upper-right.



Registering Guests ("Quick Add")

Tapping the "+" button in the bottom-right corner of the guest list screen will open your event's registration form: a simple tool for signing up walk-ins or collecting RSVPs in-person.




Search your guest list

The fastest way to find a guest is by using the search feature, accessed by tapping the little magnifying glass in the bottom-left corner of the guest list. You can check guests in directly from the results of your search query!


You also have the ability to search for guests by company using the same magnifying glass icon.


Viewing guest info

To view or edit a guest's information, including +1s or responses to RSVP questions, simply tap on the name in the guest list.



Refreshing your guest list

Assuming you're connected to the internet, your list will update automatically (every 30-60 seconds) as people RSVP or are checked in. By swiping down on the guest list, you will manually prompt the app to search for new data (guests, statuses, tags, etc.), allowing you to download updates on-demand.


Dashboard: Event Status, Social Sharing, and Badge Printing

Selecting the Dashboard from your guest list will bring you to the dashboard, which is where you will find a few ancillary settings:

1. Event Card sharing to social media, email, and text message.
2. Badge printing
3. Changing the event status (e.g. opening/closing RSVPs)





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