Before you execute the best on-site process of your life, take a quick second to acclimate yourself to the app's dashboard: a simple interface for accessing events and account settings.

I. Navigation: Find your upcoming, past, and TBD events

The first screen you'll see upon logging in is the events dashboard, which is where you'll access the events you'd like to work on.

Events are grouped by Upcoming (have a date set in the future), Past (have a date set in the past), and TBD (do not have an event date set).

Just tap the navigation to view events by their temporal grouping.


II. Accessing your account settings

Tap your account avatar to view account information, clear app cache, view your Splash app version, or rewatch in-app tutorials. 




III. Toggle your view

Depending on your viewing preferences, you can view your events as large cards or smaller listings. Just tap the icon in the upper-left.



IV. Finding and accessing your event

You can access any event — its guest list, check-in capabilities, and full tool kit — by simply tapping on it. The app also allows you to search for your event by title.

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