What is a pending ticket?

Pending tickets are the tickets currently in guest's carts before they have completed the payment process. Your pending ticket number can be found in the RSVPs tab (see below).

A ticket is no longer considered pending when the guest either (1) completes the purchase or (2) exits the checkout page. If a guest exits the checkout page without purchasing, the tickets will immediately become available again for purchase.



When you’re creating a ticket, the Order Time Limit feature allows you to set the amount of time a buyer has to make a ticket purchase. In other words, if the buyer does not complete the ticket transaction before the order time limit is reached, the order will be canceled and the tickets will go back into circulation.


Here’s the message a guest will see when their time for purchasing tickets has expired.


To reiterate, when a ticket is pendingit's un
available for others to purchase. Now, that's usually a good thing — it probably means someone's completing a transaction.

If you'd like to put some guard rails in place to eliminate the impact of, say, a few cavalier folks testing out your checkout process with 20+ tickets at once, here are couple of quick tips:

  1. Limit your Order Time Limit - The default is 15 minutes but you can drop it to five.
  2. Set a Per Order Limit to cap the number of tickets that guests are allowed to add to cart at once.
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