How does Splash integrate with Facebook?

If your reading this, you've likely made the decision to host your event on Splash instead of Facebook.

But that doesn't mean your event can't soar on the eagles wings of the largest, most influential social network to ever exist. In fact, it's recommended!

Here are a few ways Splash and Facebook integrate:

1. Log into Splash with your Facebook ID

For easy, one-click login, you can connect your Splash account with your Facebook ID directly from your profile page.

The next time you encounter the Splash login screen, you won't have to enter your email address and password.



2. RSVP with Facebook Authentication

By connecting to Facebook, the guest's first name, last name, email address, and company will automatically be filled into the RSVP form, making the RSVP process that much faster.

To activate FB RSVP on your event pages or themes, just shoot your CSM or Support Specialist an email.


Your attendee's Facebook Handle is a viewable/exportable column within the event's Guest List tab.


3. Attendees share RSVPs to their FB Timelines

Upon RSVP, your attendees can share their RSVP to their Facebook timeline directly from the confirmation window. The post will populate with your event card and event description text.


4. Share your event from the Splash app to your Facebook Timeline

The Splash Host app makes it easy for event organizers to share their event cards to a variety of social media, especially Facebook.



The result is a timeline post with your message (optional), the event description, and event card that links back to your Splash event page.




5. Embed a Facebook Live video

Splash's iframe element makes embedding live and recorded video easy! By copying and pasting any Facebook Live video's embed code into the iframe element, you can host the livestream directly from your event page.


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