2. Logging in (and understanding logins)

The Splash app will be represented on your device's desktop as a beaker icon. That's because you are tapping into your inner Party Scientist.

You'll log in using the same username and password combination that you do on the web. Easy, right?


Some important information about logins:

1. Sharing logins - For important security reasons, Splash does not allow users to share logins. If you need a bunch of team members to assist in check-in, just shoot your CSM a note, and they'll help you come up with a game plan.

2. Organization Login - See that text all the way at the bottom of the login screen (image below)? If your organization uses a form of Single Sign On (SSO) to log into Splash on the web, your custom sign-in process for the app will be initiated by the Organization Login option.

3. Collaborator Access - If you're a member of a Splash Enterprise organization, you will have the ability to add people as collaborators to your event, giving them access to your Splash page but with a considerably more limited set of capabilities. Collaborators, for the most part, aren't restricted in the Host app, although their logins will not be able to access the badge printing feature or enable push notifications. 





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