How do I embed webinars or live streams using an iframe element?

Host webinars, live streams, and more by embedding media in your Splash pages pre-, during-, or post-event. 

Splash's iframe (Inline Frame) element makes adding any embeddable medium to your event page quick and seamless — with options to customize the width and height of the content. Adding iframe elements is only available with Designer Pro editing mode, available with paid Splash plans.

Alright, let's dive in!

Iframe elements can be used for any embeddable media hosted online:

  • Videos (hosted on media players)
  • Webinars (through video conferencing software)
  • Live streams (including Facebook Live)
  • Files (slide decks, spreadsheets)
  • Music playlist or sound player (like Spotify, Soundcloud)

Please note, we do not support all third-party websites, forms or widgets. We recommend testing out your embed code and can read more about our iframe capabilities here.

If you know how to add other Splash elements to your page then you'll know how to add iframe elements — just follow these steps from the layout tree.

  1. Choose a block to add the iframe element.
  2. Click the blue + button to Add an Element.
  3. Scroll or search to select iframe in the element library.
  4. Paste your iframe code. Note: this code must include the <iframe></iframe> HTML tags.
  5. Save!


Way to go! That's a mighty fine iframe you've got there.

Need to adjust the size of the iframe but unsure how? Fear not! Check out this next article, How do I resize an iframe?

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