What happens when I add guests onsite to a ticketed event via the Host App?

The Splash Host App is an incredible tool designed to not only help you check in registered attendees but also add new attendees onsite.

When it comes to the latter, the most important thing to keep in mind for adding an attendee to a ticketed event via the Host App is that you're not actually selling a ticket.

So, what happens when you add an attendee via the app? 

First and foremost, this attendee will not be associated with one of your event's ticket types. Therefore, any custom questions within that ticket type will not be displayed within the Host App.

The only fields that the attendee (or individual checking the attendee in) will be prompted to submit are: First Name, Last Name, and Email.


Why? Because you're simply adding them to your Guest List! No ticketed transaction is taking place.

What does this mean for me, as the event organizer?

This could mean a few things! 

1. If you're interested in selling tickets at the door...

  • You can issue a "cash only" policy and use the Host App to collect this basic information so that each attendee is accounted for.
  • You can set up a computer on site where guests can buy tickets via your event page but keep in mind this Pro Tip: Splash's security team has parameters in place to help mutually protect your guests, ticket sales, and Splash against fraud, which means suspicious buying behavior gets blocked. Instead, we recommend that your guests use their own mobile devices to purchase ticketsMore info on that here.

2. If you're not interested in collecting dollars (say you're using $0.00 RSVP only tickets), but really want to know specific information about those guests added onsite...

  • We recommend creating a separate RSVP page used solely for your onsite check in needs. RSVP pages will prompt custom form questions in the Host App.
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