5/10/17 - Refreshed event-level settings interface

We get it.

Event Settings — stuff like "metadata" — isn't the sexiest part of a platform known for world-class event design and communication tools. 

But with events, the devil is always in the details.

The settings that exist in Event Settings have a profound impact on the guest experience — stuff like the way people engage with your event on social media, calendar invites, and confirmations.

An unforeseen mistake with, say, your event's Time Zone or Title can send the most experienced event marketer into a tizzy.

The new event-level settings interface improves the organization of your event's most essential settings by grouping like settings more intuitively.

Let's take a look!


The contents of the main tab (Event Information) are mostly unchanged, but the interface is now cleaner and easier to navigate. Throughout, you'll notice more clearly labeled sub-tabs and a vastly improved saving experience. 



Site MetaData is displayed in a more linear and logical fashion, highlighting its importance to the event creation process. The Event ID is a completely new addition; it's your event's unique identifier for support queries.



The Hashtag field migrated to Share Settings (previously in Event Information). You now also have more control over your Facebook Post description.


The Collaborators tab will look and function identically to the way it did previously.



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