3/16/17 - Building Scalable Email Templates

Beautiful, personalized invitations are the lifeblood of every great event.

So, today's design tip video covers best practices for building scalable email templates: that means both achieving content symmetry and ensuring your message responds well to all situations, like, say, a really long event title.

Designing scalable email templates can also have a multiplier effect.

By nailing the design of an email and using the perfect recipe of dynamic personalization tags, your email can be used again and again — not just by you, but anyone on your team you share with!

Check out the video below for a full run-through!


Best Practices

The recipe for scalable email templates is comprised of two ingredients: personalization tags and a simple 550px layout. The two items come together to form an email that requires little effort to build and even less effort to re-use.

Personalization tags:

Personalization tags are simple, dynamic lines of text that populate automatically based on your event info and the recipient of your email. In the video, we focus mainly on designing your template, but don't forget about the personalization tags found under recipient information. These are great to use within the template design and within the subject field. The animation below shows you where to find these and all other personalization tags. 



Below, you can see exactly where each personalization tag used in the video pull it's dynamic information. 

Start by clicking on Event Settings in your toolbar








550px Layout

The width of the any Splash email is 550px. To ensure that your email remains locked up at 550 regardless of how long you text elements become, set each text element to a width of 500 px with 25px of padding on either side. This prevents text elements from growing beyond your email boundary and it also locks in a bit of breathing room to the right and left. 

From here, you can get fancy with borders and images but be sure to master the two items above first. I think we can all agree that it shouldn't take you long at all. Best of luck!

Something to Consider: You can design parts of your email to be round using our Radius tool. The Radius tool is located under Border in the layout tree for your elements. When sending emails to those using Outlook, any elements made round with our Radius tool will remain in the original format. A way around this would be to edit the image outside of Splash to make it round and then add it to the email! 


Allie DeCastro
Content Project Manager, Designer



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