Unlocking repeatable elements: Editing an individual speaker, agenda, or list item

In the world of Splash, speaker blocks, schedule blocks, and list blocks are commonly built using repeatable functionality. 

As a refresher, a repeatable repeats or duplicates a group of identically styled elements. Styling refers to how the individual elements are visually formatted - think font color and size. Read more in our article: What is a repeatable?

What happens when you need to make an edit to an individual element and don't want this change reflected throughout all of your elements? 

Say you've got a keynote speaker in your lineup that deserves extra attention, or a session in your conference schedule that warrants more information than the rest - the possibilities here are endless. 

With our most advanced editing tool, Designer Pro, you're able to unlock the repeatable and edit each of its element individually.

Heads up! Once you unlock a repeatable, styles become unlinked and cannot be restored. Be sure to save a backup before proceeding.


Here's how to unlock a repeatable container:

1. Navigate into a block that has repeatable functionality.

2. Click into the block's Repeatable Container.

2. Uncheck "Lock Repeatable Children."

Voila! You'll now see each repeatable element broken out - free for you to edit!


How to edit an individual repeatable element 

Editing a repeatable element is just like editing any other element within a block


How to re-lock a repeatable container

Once you're done with your individual edits, it's a great idea to lock up your repeatable container to ensure other team members don't start making edits that they think might show up across the board.

Note: Re-locking the container will not undo any of the edits you made and it does not re-link styles that have been individually edited. If you edit an element manually, it will always need to be edited manually moving forward.

1. Simply pop back into your block's Repeatable Container.

2. Click "Lock Repeatable Children."



Now you're all buttoned up!

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