How do I post Slack updates to multiple channels?

Quick refresher!

There are two ways to integrate Splash with Slack:

  1. Event-level -  This means a la carte — in other words, for a single event or on an event-by-event basis.

  2. Organization-level - This means the integration is active for every event in your enterprise organization. 

Let's examine the scenarios for which multiple channel updates come into play:

Scenario #1 - You have an organization-level integration, but you're planning a big event that needs updates posted to a dedicated channel. 

Okay, so let's say it's SXSW season and you're throwing a massive party. A real banger.

Now, your org-level integration is set up for your Marketing team, who gets Slack notifications for every event you're doing throughout the year — SXSW included. The name of this channel is #event-notifications.

But since this is your biggest events, your whole team wants to be notified for every SXSW RSVP.

What do you do?

Answer: Create an event-level integration for the SXSW event (Go to Step 1 for a refresher).

Setting up an event-level integration will allow you to post SXSW notifications — and SXSW notifications only — to any channel you choose. Let's call it #sxsw-party. 

This enables your whole team to get updates without having to add them to your general #event-notifications channel, which posts updates for all your events.

Scenario #2 - You use event-level integrations, but need a specific event's updates to go to multiple channels.

Your hosting an important VIP Dinner and your Exec team tells you they'd like to personally greet special guests immediately upon check-in. Perfect, Slack mobile notifications are great for this!

Now, you already have a #vip-dinner channel that is getting RSVP and check-in updates for all event activity, but you don't exactly want your Exec team to see all the banter between you and the others on your team. Who would?

You need a separate channel!

Scroll down to Step 3 here — simply duplicate the event-level integration, update the channel you'd like to post to (e.g. #exec-team), then re-configure the Trigger and Message (if needed).

It's that easy!

Scenario #3 - You use an org-level integration, but need different teams to be updated with different types of Slack notifications.

Let's say for EVERY event you throw, the Events team get updates for all event activity (RSVPs and Check-ins) whereas your Sales team only wants to get check-in notifications. 

This is an easy one: use the Duplicate feature (Step 3 of link) to create separate org-level integrations that post the right updates to the right channels: RSVPs (#event-team), Check-ins (#event-team), RSVPs (#sales-team), etc.


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