How do I insert emojis and dynamic text into a Slack message?


Slack uses an emoji syntax of :name_of_emoji: — the colons signify that you would like to include an emoji and the the words between are the emjoi name in Slack.

Some examples: :alien: :smile: :thumbsup: :fireball:


So, when you're typing into the Slack integration's Message input, just insert your emojis using the correct syntax.


Behold the emoji-enhanced result!


Dynamic Text Fields

Dynamic tags are information about guests or your events that you can insert into Slack posts, allowing the message content to be rich with context. 

Below are the available tags you can use; the example above utilizes them for the guest's First Name, Last Name, and Company, and also includes the title of the event being RSVP'd to.

Available Dynamic Tags:

  • [contact.first_name]
  • [contact.last_name]
  • []
  • [contact.organization] 
  • [user.first_name]
  • [user.last_name]
  • []
  • [event.title]
  • [event.event_start]
  • [event.domain]
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