3/13/17 - Bounced email reporting and remediation

Although an inevitability, bounced emails are among the pitfalls of the event invitation process.

What's most important — especially for high touch guest lists — is to be able to quickly identify which invitees bounced so that you can take swift and appropriate action.

Splash's latest product updates introduces sophisticated, DIY bounced email reporting and remediation.

Within your Guest List tab, contacts for whom a sent email bounced are denoted by pink text. Your email analytics column (the rightmost column below) will also display the Bounced status, which is helpful when exporting.



After uploading a list but prior to sending an email, you can use the Bounced Filter to view historical bounce information. In other words, you can filter your guest list by recipients for whom an email sent for a past Splash event bounced.





When you click into a guest's contact card, you will see the reason for the bounce. In the example below, the bounce was due to sending to an invalid email address.



The best outcome after an email bounces is to update the guest's email address to one you know to be active and working. Simply edit the email address in the contact card to dismiss the guest's bounced status.


Splash has also implemented automated checks that disallow you from re-emailing a previously bounced-to attendee. This allows you to keep cleaner lists, more accurate email stats, and has the benefit of maintaining Splash's stellar email sending reputation.

In the Recipients phase of the email sending process, you'll see your first warning that the message you are about to send will have recipients who will be skipped over.




The Skipped Report on the Recipients screen allows you to review and fix invalid emails before proceeding to fire off your message. Clicking on a recipient's name will open his or her contact card, where you can update the problematic email address.




After proceeding to the Review phase, the final step before sending the message, you'll see the skipped recipients. Clicking the Edit button will allow you to revisit your recipient list, as depicted in the previous two graphics.





Sometimes, the reason a perfectly valid email bounced on your first attempt was corrected. Maybe you sent to an email that didn't exist yet but now it does.

If that's the case, you can individually or mass remove invalid flags. This will allow you to re-send the email to your bounced recipients.



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